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The Birth of a Star

For many stars in our observable universe, their lives will be mainly spent in isolation while neighboring planets and rocks absorb and utilize their emittances. In actuality, what is happening inside of those stars is nothing more than a chemical process known as nuclear fusion. Individual hydrogen atoms are forced to combine and fuse into each other to form helium. Through this infusion, heat and light is emitted and thus, a star is born. How a star got to this point? Well, nearby star dust and gases begin to mix in the open space with the help of the strongest adhesive this world has ever known, gravity. Gravity pulls these two elements to a center point until it eventually becomes the core of the star. For stars similar to the one like our Sun, the core will run out of hydrogen atoms and soon nuclear fusion will cease. The gravitational hold will loosen and the outer layer, which contains mainly gases and heat, of the star will begin to expand outwards into space. After a while, that layer will expel from the star and dissipate into the space around it, leaving a hot glowing core known as a White Dwarf. Once this hot ball of gas cools down to room temperature, it will turn black and will remain like this for eternity. 

However, each star has its own mass, sort of like us, humans, they come in all shapes and sizes. High mass stars live a different life than those with lower masses. According to Einstein's famous equation E=mc^2, where E is equal to energy, m is equal to mass, and c^2 is the speed of light squared, an object with a higher mass will produce greater amount of energy. Now, a high mass star goes through the same process of nuclear fusion, only this time, their is multiple nuclear infusions happening. Helium begins to fuse together to form carbon and then these elements fuse together to form other elements. This lengthy process lasts until the inside of the star is comprised of 8 layers. These 8 layers, from the most outer layer of the core to the center, will contain each of the following elements: hydrogen, helium, carbon, oxygen, neon, magnesium, silicon, and iron. Once the center of the core is completely iron, it becomes unstable and in an instant there is gravitational collapse. In this moment, each element crushes into each other causing temperatures to rise to 100 billion degrees. At this point the repulsive force which is the outward force responsible for keeping everything in balance, overpowers the gravitational force, which is trying to pull everything to the center. One second later, there is a cosmic explosion, sending shockwaves through space. This explosion is called a Super Nova. The explosion is so tremendously intense that inner elements of the core fuse with the outer elements. This fusion is what creates all of the elements we see and study in the periodic table. Those elements are then shot into space going in whichever direction they were pointed. Yes, the elements created through this amazing phenomena, are the same elements us humans are made out of and  what created this beautiful world of ours. 

After the explosion, two things are possible. First, after the layers and elements are fully dispersed into space, a super hot core called a Neutron Star is seen. This Neutron Star does not emit any heat and will eventually cool down, leaving what once was the core of a Supergiant star. The second possible scenario is that gravity pulls everything back to the core. Since there is a great amount of mass, the force of gravity becomes that much more intense. This force is so incredible that the core collapses inward, creating a black hole. The gravitational pull of this black hole is so powerful that even light can not escape it. 

I am not a scientist, far from it, but I did find this knowledge fascinating, so much so that it inspired me. We, humans, are much like that high mass star. The potential to create something significant lives inside of us all. The failures and heartbreaks of our lives are just mere instruments, that we must learn to use so we can orchestrate the beautiful symphony called life. A soundtrack to your own beautiful life. If Michael Jordan did not get cut from his high school team and that pain did not crush him on the inside, then maybe there would be no Michael Jordan. Then what? This world would have been deprived of human excellence and an inspiration that fueled a whole generation. You ask any successful person what gave rise to their success, and they will most definitely talk about one thing, not giving up. Not letting those failures sink them so deep that they refused to climb back up.

Be a super nova in your own universe. Express yourself so that someone may look at you and be so inspired that they themselves explode into an infinite amount of possibilities. Use that chaos inside you, those internal battles, to understand yourself and to look for a way out. Have the courage to seek out help, or to help others because being of service to someone else is the single most unselfish thing we can do in our lives. It is compassion and that is judged beyond this materialistic world. Be careful though. And what I mean is, be careful of pouring out from an empty cup. You can not shine bright enough for some one else, when your own flame isn't burning bright enough to light your own path. What we seek is not out there, but within us. 

I would like to share a poem to end this piece. I wrote it while I was on bed rest after my surgery. This was nothing more than a moment of inspiration. It may not be the greatest but it gave me a sense of direction...

Dead is the soul, that does not fly.

Clipped are those wings, that do not flap.

The blue sky was meant for us.

Our destinies lie in those distant stars.

Wake up and open your eyes

To realize that very universe,

Inside of you.

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