A New Day

A New Day

A new day breaks at the sight of dawn.


To feel alive as the burning sunrise.

To fill my soul with the soulful songs of the morning birds.

And to meditate my mind with the prayers of the Saint.

I truly have been reborn.


In His light my day begins.

And as He will, it too shall end.

And as He will, I shall do.

For it is of no concern to me.

Beauty is not questioned, it is accepted.

And nothing else can be more beautiful.


Like the mountains, trees, and flowers, who stand so majestically.

As they too, recognize this beauty.

And we see the beauty in them.


Looking up to the starry sky, 

The mind is a bliss, falling ever so deeply into the effulgence of the moon.

While the body is lifted away, weightlessly, into the night somber. 

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