Artist Profile: Fashion Illustrator Inslee Haynes

Talk about talent! I’ve been on a mini art spending spree, acquiring two new pieces including this print by the talented artist Inslee Haynes.  She has a terrific eye for style, and after I stumbled across her work, I had to buy one of her pieces.   Based in New York City, Inslee creates fun fashion based illustrations and paintings for corporate and private clients.  Inslee also has very girly stationery and cards (like this stacked teacup invitation card) which I think are divine.  The women in her creations are always impeccably dressed, and they have that certain “it” girl vibe which I love.  I particularly love Inslee’s drawings which incorporate a detailed scene, like this very gamine girl picking out croissants at a patisserie.
I got in touch with Inslee to see if she would give us some insight into her work and inspiration.   She dished on her personal style, her favourite blogs, and advice for new artists.
1. With such a passion for style and fashion, how do you describe your personal style?
My personal style is classic, feminine, and understated. When I’m shopping, I try to think like a Parisian – I usually look for neutral colors like white, navy or black (even though I enjoy illustrating colorful, over-the-top garments) and I like to buy a few beautifully tailored items that will last for years instead of lots of trendy items. 
2. Who do you look up to for style inspiration?
  I love the preppy and cheerful outfits that Blair Eadie wears on the Atlantic Pacific blog. She’s my favorite style muse right now. I also am always fascinated by Olivia Palermo‘s style too. And of course, I love the sophistication and grace of the women who set the standards of style we all live by - Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy
3. Bloggers can often come across writer’s block – does that ever happen to you when you illustrate?  If so, how do you overcome it?
I am lucky to live in a place full of inspiration and fashion so there is rarely a time when I can’t find something fun to paint. I wish there were more hours in the day to paint ALL the things that inspire me, I think I have the opposite of writers block! 
4.  Do you have any advice for young artists starting out?
Draw all the time! The more you draw the more you’ll find you are inspired. And get a website set up with your art. Its the best, fastest way to show case your art.
5. Do you have any favourite blogs?
I love reading Garance Dore’s blog. Her illustrations are so beautiful and her stories always make me smile. I also love the Glitter Guide, Mrs. Lilien, Atlantic Pacific, Design Love Fest… the list goes on! There are so many beautiful blogs out there! 
Thank you Inslee for answering my questions!  You can find Inslee’s work at her website,  She has some gorgeous 2012 calendars for sale, and I hope one day to commission a piece from her.
All artwork shown created and owned by Inslee Haynes and used with her permission.
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8 Responses to “Artist Profile: Fashion Illustrator Inslee Haynes”
  1. Beautiful illustrations. A great profile piece on an amazing artist.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this interview, Liv! I love reading about inspiration behind artists’ works.

  3. Airi says:

    Love her illustrations. So feminine and artsy. I need one of her pieces in my bedroom :).

  4. I am seriously in awe of these illustrations. Not usually a fan of artwork, I think this is GORGEOUS. These would definitely be hung in my house.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. MizzJ says:

    I want to wear the clothes of her subjects! Is it bad that aspect was my biggest impression? :p

  6. xs says:

    her use of color is beautiful . . . also, great advice for novice artists!

  7. Teresa says:

    these feel very Parisien too especially the first of the girl in the bakery. Makes me want to go back to France now

  8. These are so incredible! She has truck loads of talent for sure, I really am feeling like I need to invest in one of her creations. I love the fact that they look like beautiful street style shots but done in such a beautifully artistic way. Great interview, thanks for sharing love!

    Alex xoxo

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