The Hound & I: Winter Photo Walk

Hope you all had a great time over Christmas and Santa brought you what you wanted.  We brined a 12 lb turkey for Christmas eve dinner, and we’ve eaten most of it.  The brining took some extra time and preparation but given how moist and flavourful the turkey turned out, I highly recommend it.  We did a maple syrup and apple cider glaze, and stuffed it with chestnuts, dried apricot and croutons from a country style loaf.  Going to make a turkey leek pie tonight for the rest of the leftovers.

Tree Landscsape Winter

Just a quick post today on a photo walk I took with Nala on a crisp and sunny winter’s morning last week.  I don’t usually take my camera on our walks but the sun was out so I couldn’t resist.


The above photo is one of my favourite pictures of Nala that I’ve ever taken.  It’s rare to have her standing still like that, especially at the doggie beach.




Nala has grown to be incredibly acrobatic.  Now that she’s a full on teenager in doggie years, she’s full of confidence as she tackles natural obstacles, like this big log.  Sometimes I have to tell her NOT to jump on every tree stump she sees, since they can be slippery with frost.


Post Jump Edit

A helicopter floppy ear.



winterized scene

See more of Nala in

My Friends, meet Nala – Nala as a very small Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy

Happy 1st Birthday, My Baby Girl

Eastsiders – our professional photoshoot when Nala was 4 months old

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8 Responses to “The Hound & I: Winter Photo Walk”
  1. joey says:

    beautiful photos liv! my fav’s are the 5th photo from the top & the 3rd photo from the bottom. glad you had such a lovely christmas!!

  2. stevie says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year beautiful Liv!!!! It brings me joy to see you and Nala (and hubby, I’m sure) so happy.

    For the past couple of weeks I’ve been obsessed with reading dog books on my Kindle. I tore through Inside a Dog and The Other End of the Leash…both quick fun reads. If you haven’t read them already, treat yourself to them!!! I feel like I appreciate and understand Kiki even more than before. What a gift!!

  3. savvy gal says:

    Day of exploration. Have a great NYE weekend.

  4. I love this post!!!! She is beautiful and looks sooo happy :)



  5. Omg. I am such a dog person it’s weird…I just audibly cooed over all these pics. Pretty sure I love Nala, she looks like she’s such a sweet and fun doggy, not to mention she’s beautiful! Nothing beats dogs, they’re honestly the best pets in the world. Hope you have a great NYE love!

    Alexandra xo

  6. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Liv!!! I adore these pics of Nala! Our pups would be so jealous of having a chance to scamper around a beach! The dog parks in Atlanta are all grass and dust or mud. Here in Edinburgh they are much greener, but windier. Oh and it’s not just the doggies who are jealous! What a wonderful place to get to go walking yourself!

  7. MizzJ says:

    Awww Nala is so big now! We should do a doggie date with my bf’s golden!

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