Take Me Back To Provence

Nancy Franke dimanche-ile-sur-la-sorgue
My hubby accused me of being a bit of a magpie, meaning that I instantly gravitate to all that is shiny and beautiful.  And this I can’t deny.  I am a Taurus after all, ruled by Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty.  My blog isn’t called A Beautiful Life by luck.

For me, Provence perfectly captures the essence of beauty.  Not only visually, but in all senses.  My dream came true in 2010 when I traveled to France and spent some time exploring the small villages around the Luberon valley in Southern France.   IT WAS MAGICAL.  Everything I read about in A Year in Provence was pretty much true.  Not only do your senses come alive, but they are indulged.  I was absolutely in love with the beauty of the natural light, and the dining experience was near religious.

I was taken instantly back to this magnificent place with one glance at American artist Nancy Franke’s gallery.   I discovered her work through one of my favourite blogs, From The Right Bank.  The top picture is a village that I visited, L’Isle-sur-Sorgue, famous for its large antique markets.  I hope one day to acquire one of her pieces, so I can always have a little Provence in my home.
Nancy Franke salut

This painting makes me feel like I’m sitting right there, basking in the sun and enjoying a glass of wine.
Nancy Franke windowsill-in-provence

I want to reach out and lightly touch the flower petals, maybe give it a good watering.
Nancy Franke sunny-afternoon-goult

The village of Goult on a sunny afternoon.  Can you imagine strolling through the narrow cobbled streets?
nancy franke rose-parade

Nancy paints subjects other than Provence. I’m not usually a big fan of floral arrangement art but there’s something about the way the red roses are arranged in the vase that captivates me.

I have been on a bit of an art spending spree lately, acquiring a couple of prints that I love.  But more on that, next time.


You Feed My Soul


All images are from Nancy Franke’s website.  She also writes a blog.

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6 Responses to “Take Me Back To Provence”
  1. Your posts are such a pleasure to read!

    I want to do a lot more traveling next year. Provence has just been added to my list :)


  2. lisa says:

    It’s nice to have objects around the house that transport you back to a travel destination. Paintings are beyond my budget, but I like collecting little trinket boxes or, if I’m in a place like Mexico, buying artisan crafts.

    • I love collecting little things like that too from all over the world. It adds such a personal touch to your home decor. Flea markets and artisan shops all the way!

  3. Sarah Moore says:

    Oh sigh, I love Provence, and these paintings! And Isle sur la Sorgue; Kevin and I spent part of our honeymoon there and LOVED it. We’re going back this summer :)

    • awww i’m so happy you and kevin are going back in the summer! I definitely want to go back too. it’s such a romantic and beautiful place. I’m glad you enjoyed these paintings =).

      Merry Christmas too Sarah.

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