The Inspiration: 70’s Cafe Racer meets Boho Beach in Gascony, France.


Sweet vintage ride to the sea.  Greeted by brisk Atlantic surf.  Warmed by a bottle of Bordeaux.  Prepare a feast of duck confit and toast to the company of friends.  Hit the sack and another day.

hurley tophurley bottom
Hurley Tie-Dye bikini (just like mine).

Ruby Atelier old-school helmets.

Joie a la Plage embroidered bahamas tunicdidac 2 band wedge sandals

Joie tunic and Chie Mihara sandals.  Via Shopbop.

Esemplare, Italy Edward and Niles mens tops.

marrakesh flare jeans MiH JeansDiane von Furstenberg beach notre cover up

MiH flares and Diane von Furstenberg floral maxi. Via Shopbop.

8 Responses to “Boundless”
  1. joey says:

    those helmets are sweet

  2. lady lyles says:

    I’ve been searching everywhere for the perfect pair of wide leg jeans. I was kind of skeptical when January’s Vogue encouraged me to throw out my skinny jeans, but I’m pretty sold now. I kind of want some with a thick hem, but I also don’t want them to have that young professional look, so I’ve got to find a happy medium.
    I don’t have twitter, by the way. People ask me that a lot. Honestly, I don’t even understand how it works! I was thinking about taking the plunge soon… Do you suggest?

    • me too – i was sooo skeptical of wide legs having gone thru that trend when i was in HS (yes i’m old =)). I also hated the 70’s look b/c it was too disco-y. i’m finding i really like the “dirty 70’s” look now that is reminisceent of the early 70’s/late 60’s. I definitely want to go high waisted and wide legged this spring but that doesn’t mean i’ll be giving up skinnies.

      join us on Twitter! there’s so many awesome bloggers and style tweeps on it you’ll find that you make a lot of connections that help grow your blog. Plus I’m there =) it does take a while though to get used to it and get enough followers/following so you actually make use of it.

  3. Haute World says:

    I adore the Ruby Atelier helmets. Also loved the collab they did with Margiela a while back, but I figured it would be a bit silly of me to get a helmet considering I don’t own a bike or scooter ;-) Gorgeous bikini by the way. I so wish we had bikini weather at the moment….

  4. Raul says:

    Fashionable helmets. Love it!

  5. Teresa says:

    I want those helmets! I really should take up bike riding again and enjoy the nearby seawall especially during the Spring and Summer

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